Custom Swords

The Custom Line weapons are the result of a continuous evolution and learning from both our experience as fencers and as swordsmiths which gives us the ability provide our customers with weapons that really meet and even exceed their expectations.

Since our beginnings and following our continuous evolution approach, we have been learning and incorporating new techniques to our skills book to be able to offer more and better customization and ornamentation to our pieces and at the same time we got a deeper understanding of complex geometry and materials to allow us to produce weapons that exceed the simple idea of a training tool and become and extension to the fencer, both aesthetically and mechanically.
Our detail oriented approach and the completely handmade fabrication process together with the work we do with our clients to make sure we cover all their needs allow us to produce unique pieces that transmit the essence of the original period weapons and that can help the fencer to achieve his goals.

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